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  1. 12 cu. Yard Asphalt Dump Body
    12 cu. Yard Asphalt Dump Body
  2. Custom 12838-VFT-95
    Custom 12838-VFT-95
  3. Isuzu Demo Body
    Isuzu Demo Body
  4. Custom Trailer Body 15643-89
    Custom Trailer Body 15643-89
  5. Surveyor Body 10467-95
    Surveyor Body 10467-95
  6. Ctec Crane Body
    Ctec Crane Body
  7. Custom Body
    Custom Body
  8. Swat Command Vehicle
    Swat Command Vehicle
  9. Mechanic's Truck
    Mechanic's Truck
  1. Our Company
    Our Company
    As a company we are committed to the belief that individual empowerment, opportunities for growth, mutual trust and respect are keys to personal and team success.
  2. Our Skills
    Our Skills
    Utilizing the best tools and equipment, attention to detail is our main priority. With over 50 years in business, our utility bodies are manufactured with incredible skill and craftsmanship.
  3. Our Mission
    Our Mission
    Providing the highest level of satisfaction and to cultivate customer loyalty through exceptional service to all CTEC customers.
Our Products

With the latest in CAD technology, our team of engineers are able to accurately design any custom utility body to meet your individual needs with complete precision.